I am constantly hearing how much Newcastle has evolved, is changing & all for the better. People that have not visited the city for years are blown away by its offerings.

It's an amazing city with

  • beautiful beaches, a busy harbour & nearby lake
  • a fast growing cafe & small bar culture,
  • a diverse array of shopping precincts studded with restaurants
  • a thriving art & artisan scene showcased through regular markets & local boutiques
  • local music & theatre in many guises at the local pub, the theatre & major festivals
  • walks and bike paths that take you through national parks & along the coastline
  • adrenalin sports such as surfing, fishing, boating, sailing  and a long history to explore.

Let me know the type of things you enjoy & I'll draft an itinerary for you. You might like a mix of activities or to pick a theme such as water, outdoors, hands on arts, the choice is yours.

Once you're happy I'll book everything & send you the final itinerary to enjoy. Email or call 0418 148 283