Holly Marsh - Marsh Estate owner

Holly Marsh (in partnership with her husband Andrew) is owner of Marsh Estate & Marsh Trading co.

Marsh Estate is a boutique rain-fed wine company with onsite accommodation. Holly's company Marsh Trading co. creates amazing styling for unique events.

Marsh Estate - Hunter Valley


1. My Hunter Story...

I have been here since 2003 when I sold my restaurant in Sydney and moved to be with my future husband, Andrew.

2.    The local secret (that I’m prepared to share is)…

Tinkler’s Vineyard for fresh produce and Nulkaba Hatchery for free range chickens, ducks and quail. 

3.    Local life is …

Drunk and full of mad, artistic scientists (winemakers) 

4.    One thing that’s good to know when visiting…

Befriend a mad scientist  

5. Three things you should do when in the Newcastle/Hunter

    1. Taste wine

    2. Go to Redhead beach

    3. Have a bushwalk


Marsh Estate, Marsh Trading co.